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Why participate

The trade show is going to provide participants and attendees with an opportunity they can’t miss to personally assess the state of the art in the coatings industry, enabling them to learn, in one space, about innovations in resins, emulsions, pigments, solvents, additives, vegetable oils, packaging materials, machinery, laboratory equipment and a lot more.

Thousands of products, services, technologies, solutions and innovative developments will be showcased by a large and diverse group of companies, which, together with the scientific papers that experts will be presenting at the Congress, is going to allow visitors to find resources and new ideas.

Focusing on particularly innovative new releases and products, the commercial lectures to be held in the exhibit space are going to be another very important source of information and contacts with professionals from the industry’s suppliers.

In a nutshell, benefits to those participating include:

  • Discussing partnerships, technological and commercial agreements
  • Networking
  • Establishing contacts with major suppliers
  • Getting to know the latest innovations
  • Understanding industry trends
  • Exchanging experiences and discussing new solutions
  • Sealing deals

Sustainable Solutions for Your Business

At both the Exhibition and the Congress, you will be able to get to know solutions and resources that will move you forward in several respects related to sustainability:

  • Improving such coatings properties as odor and drying times
  • Eliminating any practices that pose risks to safety, occupational health or the environment
  • Reducing waste generation
  • Producing in a more efficient and economical manner
  • Reducing power and water consumption
  • Using raw materials from renewable sources and/or featuring minimized environmental impact
  • Reducing VOC levels in coatings
  • Increasing coatings durability and hiding power

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