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Special Presentation Focusing on Responsible Consumption and Use of Solvents

Topic to be addressed by technical expert from Abiquim.


The program for ABRAFATI 2017 is going to be enriched by a special lecture titled “Responsible Consumption and Use of Solvents”. Held in conjunction with the Abiquim (short in Portuguese for Brazilian Chemical Industry Association) Industry-Specific Commission on Solvents for Industrial Purposes, it is taking place on October 4 at 5 pm.

Yáskara Barrilli, adviser on Technical Affairs at Abiquim, is going to be the one demonstrating that the proper use of solvents, adhering to best practices and sustainability policies, represents a great solution, debunking some of the information that gets out on this theme.

Emphasis will be placed on the importance of buying solvent products from reputable companies that meet all of their statutory obligations and provide customers with guidance on how to use them. Other requirements for solvent suppliers include adopting suitable handling procedures, as well as storage and transportation procedures, which should be in accordance with the Responsible Care Program® standards and with regulations from state environmental agencies.

The lecture will reflect the position of the Commission, whose membership comprises Braskem, Dow, Eastman, Elekeiroz, ExxonMobil, Oxiteno, and Rhodia Solvay, focusing on spreading information on the appropriate use of solvents, supporting responsible distribution initiatives, and fostering professionalization in the marketplace.

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